Monday, January 31, 2005

Losing Santa

The week before Christmas, at the tender age of seven, my family and I spent an evening making candy together. This distinctively molded candy took time, effort, and quite a bit of energy for a seven year old. Christmas morning came and as my brothers and I gathered excitedly around the fireplace to open our stockings. When several pieces of this distinctive candy came tumbling out into my eager little hands, the christmas lights came on in my head... something was going on here. I pondered the possible meanings of this discovery for a day or so, ignoring the inquiring looks and questions of my brothers at my new status of reclusive. The conferentation took place at the intimate and comforting setting of the local Pizza Hut, and when the straight up question was posed to my loving mother, she answered truthfully and let me in on the adult secret, one my brothers had been privy to for years. But I stayed strong, took the news the best I could, and pondered these things in my heart.


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