Tuesday, February 15, 2005

To the day of chocolate hearts

Valentines day... the day of love, the day to celebrate those you care for, the day to express the true feelings of your heart.... or just the day to buy overpriced wilted roses? This holiday, a creation of Hallmark, a ploy to solve the post-christmas buying blues for retailers... is it anything more than blind consumerism? Is there any gem of truth in it? Could it, in fact, be the modern day hero's quest to find the golden apple your love desires? Is it Aphrodite making her voice heard in the deaf ears of the modern skeptic? Should we give up our belief in the falsity of Valentine's day along with that crazy old man Santa Claus? Or is it actually worth the $9.99 for a dozen roses to hold on tightly to the belief of true love, of romance and of happily ever after?


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