Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Woman's Revised Place...

Perhaps my experiences today are not the norm for my people. Perhaps the Sweedish and Norwegin heritage I possess is crying out against the new path being trodden. Historically, I believe we are quite traditional... woman in the kitchen, man bringing the bacon home. However, my mother, a strong minded individual, entered college in the peak of the affirmative action era, and worked for years as a top executive at a electric power company. This drive into the work place established a different relationship between her and her future husband. It was a new world of equality (although she was making much less for the same job), creating the phenomena of two working parents. And my father traversed into that amazing world of the kitchen, though his background as a cook and chiefs assistant in his youth made this transition more natural. Now the kitchen is equal opportunity territory, my parents switching off making meals, or working on them together. It is a fine balance, with my mothers mean grilling talents and my fathers classic spaghetti. Family meals then truly mean that... family.... cooked together and eaten together, with the only argument who is going to clean up. (Which, by the way, is generally those who didn't cook... it's only fair.)


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