Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Class Notes: 2/24

The devine female:
~ The unmoved mover... women with the ability to move others with their beauty/power, they can entrance.
~ First image of the goddess in M&K, she is faceless and feetless
~ Archetype: psychological pattern
ie: Events and people
~ Stereotype: Societies pattern
ie: Womens place in the kitchen (mostly thought by men!)
In church, mouth shut, head bowed, serve husband, subserviant.
Elementary: General sense of female

~Depth psychology: Freud and Jung= Subconscious can be evoked, unconcious is hard to evoke, mostly through dreams
~Idea of Superego: Angel and Devil on shoulder, your concious, attic of your house
Ego: What you show the world, living room of house
Id: Repressed feelings, libido, bubbling cauldren, basement of house... we need to let off this steam in appropriate ways or we explode!
~ Freud: Dreams are wishful thoughts... to let off steam we fanntisize and dream... .it is destroying the unknown... to make conscious what was unconscious.

~Edipus complex: want mother.... Electra complex: want father
~Jung didn't think everything was sexual or private unconscious... dreamed of "collective unconsious"... common events to all... connecting all houses and all memories. It is found in dreams, fairytales, fantasy and myth... its where we find the common architype.

~Farther we get into myth, the more impersonal it becomes... we are playing out a larger story.

~Joseph Campbell: Dream is personalized myth and myth is depersonalized dreams...
~Transpersonal: Its not about you... its about us.


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