Thursday, March 03, 2005

Class Notes: 3/1

Elementary Female:
Positive: Nourishing mother, magna mother, earth mother, feeding mother
Negative: Smother mother, devouring mother, death mother
"Goddesses of Death" (M&K pg 115)

Mama's Boys: Erik Noiman wrote "The Great Mother"
Detaching from mom... healthy!

~Steatopygic: Massive buttocks

~ Pieta: Michalangelo's painting of dead Jesus on Mary's lap after being taken off the cross....
Odd because Mary is young but HUGE compared to Jesus... example of architypal female.

Sarcophagi: Coffin.... picture of mother recieving you back.... eating you up

Demons: Freud said get rid off them, they are just your imagination.... Jung said get to know them and confront your demons.

Idea of discovering death.... understanding it when you are little... (ie: your fish will not come back... gone forever)

Transformative Female:
Positive: platonic ideal, Sophia(wisdom), "worship her", idealized female
Negative: temptress, beautiful, Siren, fem fatale, draws you in and destroys you

Story of Callisto: Ursa Major and Ursa Minor


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