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Gnostic Story

Hey Everybody... I kept this in the play form we perfomed it in... it seems easier to understand this way!

Gnostics - Female Divine

Lights off

Narrator: Out of the infinite, Pistis, or Faith as she is also called, came into existence. Then a likeness of Pistis emanated from her which we call Sophia, or Wisdom. Sophia is the primeval light which functioned as a veil separating mankind from the realms above.

Flashlight on representing Pistis-Sophia

Outside the light of Pistis-Sophia, as she is now called, existed a realm of shadow and bottomless water in which chaos existed.

All other actors run around, bump into each other, this is chaos here!

When Pistis-Sophia appeared over chaos, she became disturbed. She desired to create a being to rule over matter and over all her forces.

Lights come on

Suddenly in the bottomless waters, there appeared the first ruler, who was androgynous and lion-like in appearance, who had great authority, but was ignorant to how he had come into being.

Yaldabaoth on floor rolling around, not conscious of himself yet

When Pistis-Sophia saw this being moving about in the water’s depth she spoke “Yalda Baoth” which means:

Pistis-Sophia: Child, pass through to here.

Narrator: Pistis-Sophia now having created the ruler, withdrew back up into her light realm. YaldaBaoth, unaware of how he came into being saw himself as the only god and said:

YaldaBaoth: I am God, and there is no other one that exists apart from me.

Narrator: YaldaBaoth proceeds to create seven gods, called the authorities, and to each authority he created a realm of heaven which contained mansions, virgins, and armies of angels and arch angels to serve them.

Yalda draws seven heavens on chalkboard

But there existed a Troublemaker who began to destroy the heavens,

Troublemaker scribbles all over heavens on the chalkboard

and all six heavens shook so violently that Pistis-Sophia came down from her heaven, bound the Troublemaker, and sent him to dwell in Tartaros.

Pistis grabs Troublemaker and throws them into Tartaros (under the table)

Pistis-Sophia returns to her heavenly realm, and YaldaBaoth is still unware of her presence. At this time, YaldaBaoth became insolent against Pistis-Sophia by saying:

YaldaBaoth: I have no need of anyone. It is I who am God and there is no other one that exists apart from me.

Narrator: Upon hearing this, Pistis-Sophia became enraged and came into YaldaBaoth’s realm, masked with invisibility, to say:

Pistis-Sophia: You are mistaken, blind god. There exists an immortal man of light who has been in existence before you and he will trample you and you will descend to your mother, the abyss, along with those that belong to you.

Narrator: Upon hearing the words of Pistis-Sophia, Sabaoth, the son of YaldaBaoth, condemns his father and sings praise to Pistis-Sophia. Pisitis-Sophia stretches out her light and bestows authority against all chaos upon Sabaoth. The other authorities became enraged by Sabaoth’s new power and a great war erupted in the heavens

The fight is on! Fight, fight, fight!

After seeing this, Pistis-Sophia grabs Sabaoth and puts him in a kingdom above all of realms of chaos to dwell and create as he so chose. In his kingdom, Sabaoth creates a heaven seven time greater than his father’s and he also create two angels to serve him, Israel and Jesus Christ.

Draw another realm on board and a stick figure representing Sabaoth or something

With Sabaoth gone, YaldaBaoth and the authorities create the earth realm with flowers, plants, and trees with the help of virgin blood. They also create a Paradise in which the Tree of Life grew and reached all the way to the heavens. Next to the tree of life grew the Tree of Gnosis, or the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

When talking about tree of Gnosis, look at the podium

Then, YaldaBaoth and the authorities decide to create men who would born out of the light and become the servants of the gods for eternity.

YaldaBaoth and authorities stand in circle and talk.

In doing this, they hoped that the eternal immortal man of light would be enamored by their creations and spare them from destruction as Pistis-Sophia foretold. Being all wise and knowing, Pistis-Sophia laughs at their plot and decides to create another being out of her likeness. Pistis-Sophia lets a droplet of her light fall onto the water and an androgynous being appears.

Light go off and glo-stick turns on and is dropped onto table w/ blanket. Eve of Life stands up from behind blanket..

After twelve months of labor, she molds this being into a female body whom she names Eve of Life.

Then YaldaBaoth and the authorities begin creating the first man by casting their sperm into the navel of the earth.

YaldaBaoth and authorities stand around Adam who is on the floor with eyes closed. Adam is covered with a blanket and then after the authorities, uh, create him, pull the blanket off to expose Adam.

They call the newly created being Adam, but this was a soulless being that lay on the ground lifeless. After forty days, YaldaBaoth and the authorities give up on Adam.

Authorities and YaldaBaoth walk away.

After seeing this, Pistis-Sophia breathes into Adam, who can now move, but can not stand. After seeing their creation move, YaldaBaoth and the authorities became disturbed and placed Adam in Paradise, since he can not stand. Pistis-Sophia sends her daughter, Eve of Life, down to Adam and after seeing him lying on the ground she said,

Eve: Adam! Become alive! Arise upon the earth!

Narrator: And with this, Adam stood up and became conscious of himself. He looked at Eve and said,

Adam: You shall be called ‘Mother of the Living.’ For it is you who have given me life.

Narrator: The authorities, disturbed to see their creation alive and walking around, look in Paradise and see him talking to Eve. The authorities worrying about where Eve came from, said

Authorities: What sort of thing is this luminous woman? Now come, let us lay hold of her and cast our seed into her, so she may not ascend into the light. But let us not tell Adam, for he is not one of us. Let us instead, put him in a deep sleep and in his sleep tell him that this woman came from his rib and that he should be lord over her.

Narrator: Eve, knowing what the authorities intended to do, laughed at their decision. She blinded the authorities and entered the Tree of Gnosis, leaving behind a copy of Eve that is not from the light, but instead created from the body of Chaos.

Authorities wander around blind, bumping into things, etc. and Eve stands behind podium then comes out as a copy?

When the authorities regained their sight, they took the copy Eve and got it on…a lot…

Eve(pregnant) and Pistis-Sophia each on a phone

Eve: Mom, I’ve got a problem. I’m pregnant.

Pistis-Sophia: So? Who’s the father?

Eve: Well, I don’t know between the seven authorities and all their armies of angels…

Pistis-Sophia: And what do you expect me to do? Your just a copy, not my Eve of Life.

Narrator: The authorities realize after they defile Eve that none of their plots to save themselves from this immortal man of light would work. So they decide to lie to Adam and Eve into thinking that YaldaBaoth is the one and only God and that they authorities are the Angels. They came to Adam and Eve and said:

YaldaBaoth: The fruit of all trees created for you in Paradise shall be eaten; but as for the Tree of Gnosis, do not eat from it. If you eat you will die.

Narrator: Then came the wisest of all creatures, who is called Beast. When he learned what the authorities had told Eve, he said:

Beast: Do not be afraid. For he knows that when you eat from it, your intellect will become sober and you will recognize the difference between evil men and good ones. Indeed, it was jealously that he said this to you, so you would not eat from it.

Narrator: Eve, now confident the tree of gnosis would not harm her, took a piece of fruit from its boughs and ate it.

Take apple sitting on podium and each Adam and Eve take a bite…or pretend to at least.

She also gave some to her husband and the light of gnosis shone upon them. They saw themselves naked and clothed themselves from shame. The rulers knew that Adam and Eve had broken their rules and they began to create earthquakes. Adam and Eve fearfully hid under the trees in Paradise and the authorities did not see them. YaldaBaoth said:

YaldaBaoth: Adam, where are you?

Adam: I am here, for through fear of you I hid, being ashamed.

YaldaBaoth: Who told you about the shame with which you clothed yourself? - Unless you have eaten from the tree!

Adam: The woman whom you gave me - it is she that gave me and I ate.

YaldaBaoth: What is this that you have done?

Eve: It is the instructor that urged me on, and I ate.

Narrator: The authorities went after the Beast, but their eyes became blind and they could not harm him. Since they could not curse the beast, they cursed the woman and all her offspring.

Authorities and YaldaBaoth acting angry and cursing Eve

They tested Adam to see if he could name the animals of earth, and he did.
After their trials, the authorities became paranoid that Adam would eat from the Tree of Life and become immortal like them, so they cast Adam and Eve out of Paradise and set fiery creatures called Cherubim to guard the gates so no earthly being could enter. When Pistis-Sophia saw that the rulers had laid a curse upon her counterparts, she came out of the first heaven with full power and chased the rulers out of their heavens and cast them into the sinful world.

Pistis-Sophia acting pissed chases YaldaBaoth and the authorities into hell (under the table)

The rulers now created demonic angels to serve them and the world lived in err until the appearance of the angel Jesus Christ.

Answer questions and take bows

The End


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