Thursday, March 03, 2005

Googled terms 3/1

~Archetypal Feminine: Mostly this turned up websites for school curriculum and sylabi, I found one focusing on Depth Psychology and Jung, many on mythology, and one interesting one in particular on archetypes and how that relates to war and our current patriarchal society. Here is a portion from, an online forum and discussion center:
"Of course women take on the male archetype in the belief that it's the only way to be taken seriously in this patriarchal world. Margaret Thatcher was more of a 'man' than most men! Alas, the archetypal Feminine is grossly underrated, belittled and devalued.
On a spiritual level, the industrialised mindset has moved out of kilter with the archetypal Feminine. When in balance, both energies flow harmoniously, each polarity carrying the essence of the opposite - as expressed in the Tao symbol of Yin and Yang. This is why I keep harking on about the collective psyche. We have to sow the seeds of pacifism (the archetypal Feminine) in the hope that future generations will finally get the message, and that we raise the consciousness of humanity as a whole. If we remain stuck in 'war mode' (archetypal Masculine) we will never progress as a species."
I found this to be quite interesting and insightful.

~Collective unconscious: This pulled up websites on Jung... and pretty much just that. So I tried an image search to see if i could find anything more interesting. I found something called Slow Wave, where a collective dream diary is taken and drawn into cartoons by Jesse Reklaw. You can submit your dreams at and add to the cartoons. You should check it out though.. .it takes dreams people submit and turns them into art... very interesting stuff!


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