Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Group 6 Final Presentation

Here is a QUICK overview of our class presentation/video. Instead of covering in detail the actual presentation and talk show dialoge, I will just quickly cover the Gods we related to every day events:

Morpheus, wispering in the sleeping guys ear, effecting his dreams.
Ceres/Demeter encouraging to eat cereal.
Narcissus filling the guys head with how pretty he is.
Dionysus encouraging guy in class to blow it off and go play.
Aphrodite influencing an attraction to a girl in class.
Athena reinforcing how important wisdom is and that he should pay attention.
Dionysus returns at a party that night, encouraging debauchery
Ares encourages the guy to fight someone that is talking to a girl he likes
Eros shoots an arrow at the girl, causing her to fall for the guy
Hera influences the girl, causing her to desire marriage and children.

Just wanted to say, thanks to such a wonderful group... you guys were fantastic and a blast... creative and fabulous to work with, thanks and it was fun!!!


At May 6, 2005 at 8:08 AM, Anonymous Ashley Dockery said...

I agree Marit. Our grouped rocked! Everyone participated and we had fun doing it. More fun than any of my other groups in other classes. We rule!


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