Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The never-ending battle

I was begining to wonder where and if the oldest battle of all time would make its mythical appearance. While discussing the three parts of myth, it reared its ugly head... the battle of the sexes. The first part of myth is the begining, or creation. The last part of myth is the ends. The middle part of myth is this battle of the sexes. It is the devine male and female, men and women, facing off. It is the temptress meeting the hero. It is the on-going contest for superiority between men and women. It begins at a young age with the game of tag and culminates in marriage. It is something we may deny but we experience it with every interaction with the opposite sex. We have some deep conflicting essences beween men and women that have plagued mankind from the start of every creation myth until the end of time. There is no avoiding it... acceptance of this truth is the only way to understand, and even perhaps take an upperhand in the unwinnable battle.


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